Office Manager

“Hello, my name is Alex Elston. I have been a resident of Windham for the last 34 years, I have grown up in the town and have come to know many of the people as friends and neighbors.

I am very excited to be joining The Dental office of Dr. Leslie A. Elston. Yes, we are related.  She is my sister; as such I know her well and can positively say she is a fair and upfront person who is committed to integrity and honesty; the care for her patients is second to none.  I hope you will come see us and get to know her yourself.

As the office manager, I will be caring for both the general operations of the office and helping our patients with any concerns they may have.
The excellent care and comfort of our patients is the foundation we will be building upon.  I want to assure you that anyone who joins our practice will be treated with respect and the best dental care we can provide.

I am here to help our patients maximize their insurance benefits, schedule appointments, and help with any questions they may have.  We do offer finance options if needed so our patients can get the care they need to keep their smiles and oral health in great shape.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or just stop in to say hello and have a tour of the office.

I look forward to meeting you.